• Aerophobia: Fear of flying

    Aerophobia: Fear of flying

    Aerophobia is a type of specific phobia that involves a fear of flying or air travel. While statistics suggest that air travel is actually safer than traveling by other means including car and train, flying remains a common source of fear.1 Research suggests that between 2.5% and 40% of people experience flying-related anxiety each year.2 Estimates on…

  • Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

    Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

    Acrophobia is a persistent and intense fear of heights. People with acrophobia will experience panic and sudden anxiety in a variety of situations involving heights. These situations could include standing on a bridge, looking over a cliff, being on the top floor of a skyscraper, riding in an airplane, and more. It’s important to understand,…

  • Bacteriophobia: An abnormal fear of bacteria

    Bacteriophobia: An abnormal fear of bacteria

    Bacteriophobia is a type of phobia that centers on an extreme and irrational fear of germs, dirt, or contamination. It is normal and prudent to be concerned about issues such as cross-contamination of foods, exposure to the bodily fluids of others, and maintaining good hygiene. However, if you have mysophobia, these normal concerns become overblown…