Blood poisoning is a serious infection. It occurs when bacteria are in the bloodstream. Despite its name, the infection has nothing to do with poison. Although not a medical term, “blood poisoning” is used to describe bacteremia, septicemia, or sepsis. Sepsis is a serious condition in which the body responds improperly to an infection. The… Read more

  • Diseases caused by Air Pollution

    Diseases caused by Air Pollution

    Air pollution leads to environmental damage, but it can also harm the health of people. Some of the most common ailments in the world are diseases caused by air pollution. Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases, due to the pollutants people breathe in, yet it can also impact other areas of the body as well,… Read more

  • Hair Fall and Hair Growth Types and Stages

    Hair Fall and Hair Growth Types and Stages

    Hair loss (alopecia) is a fairly common occurrence. While it’s more prevalent in older adults, anyone can experience it, including children. It’s typical to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. With about 100,000 hairs on your head, that small loss isn’t noticeable. New hair normally replaces the lost hair, but this doesn’t always happen.… Read more

  • Creatine : Benefits and Everything You Need to Know About

    Creatine : Benefits and Everything You Need to Know About

    What is creatine? Creatine is one of your body’s natural sources of energy for muscle contraction. Its name comes from the Greek word for meat. About half of the body’s supply comes from a carnivorous diet and about half is produced in the liver, kidneys and then delivered to the skeletal muscles for use. About… Read more

  • Panax Ginseng

    Panax Ginseng

    What is it? Panax ginseng, also known as Korean ginseng, is an herb that has been used for various health purposes. It should not be confused with other forms of ginseng. Panax ginseng is a plant that grows in Korea, China, and Siberia. It’s considered an adaptogen, which are natural substances that are believed to… Read more



    Introduction Vitamin A is the name of a group of fat-soluble retinoids, primarily retinol and retinyl esters . Vitamin A is involved in immune function, cellular communication, growth and development, and male and female reproduction . Vitamin A supports cell growth and differentiation, playing a critical role in the normal formation and maintenance of the… Read more

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