Curd is a milk product prepared through a fermentation process. We need to boil the milk and cool it down to 30-40 degrees Celsius. On cooling it down (to light warm), add a spoonful of curd to the milk to initiate the fermentation process.

After a few hours or left overnight, the bacteria multiply, turning the milk into curd. There are immense benefits of eating curd due to its high nutritional content. Let’s take a look at these in detail.

 Health Benefits of Curd

  • Provides stronger immunity: One of the primary curd benefits is the enhancement of immune power. The live active cultures help in fighting disease-causing germs.
  • Prevents vaginal infections: In women, the benefits of eating curd include inhibition of yeast infection growth. It restores the yeast balance of the vagina due to the lactobacillus bacteria in the curd.
  • Makes digestion better: Being a probiotic milk product, curd benefits gut health. It also calms down an inflamed or upset stomach.
  • Helps lose weight: Consuming curd is good for weight loss. It inhibits the growth of steroid hormones or cortisol, thereby controlling the risk of obesity.
  • Controls high blood pressure: The magnesium content in curd is ideal for reducing high blood pressure.

Beauty Benefits Of Curd

For Healthy and Radiant Skin:

Made through the curdling process using an edible acidic substance like vinegar or lemon juice, curd has acidic compounds that could act as antibacterial and antifungal to fight various skin problems. Just mix curd with some lime juice and apply it on your face for ten minutes. Wash off later with lukewarm water.

Prevents premature wrinkles:

The antioxidants found in curd help in plumping up the skin and prevent premature wrinkles from showing.

Removes dark spots

Curd helps in exfoliating the skin in a gentler way. Curd can be your natural remedy if you have dark spots or areas you would like to treat naturally.

Removes dandruff:

Having anti-fungal properties, curd can be your natural remedy to clear out stubborn dandruff.

Side Effects of Curd

Although there are no particular adverse curd side effects, its high intake or in a heavy quantity might not be beneficial for your health:

  • People with arthritis or joint problems should avoid daily intake of curd. Being a sour food, it may increase joint pain.
  • Eating curd at night, especially if you have weak digestion, might cause acidity.
  • Eating curd or a high intake may cause cough and cold.


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